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Spooky Halloween at Acol

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On the 30th October 2015 the children and staff got involved in the mysteries and mischief of Halloween. We had children dressing up in pumpkin, witch, princess and vampire costumes for the afternoon party. The staff didn’t hold back either in getting involved, they dressed up as skeletons and witches.

In the daytime the children took part in activities related to Halloween before they got ready to show their moves on the dance floor in the afternoon. The children made Halloween masks, decorated pumpkins and bats, and even crafted their own pumpkins. It was amazing to see how involved and artistic the children were throughout the day.

Exploring the great outdoors at Forest School

Sington Nursery – October 2015

Forest School offers opportunities for children to be outdoors, learn and have a fun in a woodland setting, with regular visits throughout the year. Children learn to understand the beauty of the natural environment.

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Children are encouraged to develop independence skills, improve their decision making and improve their self-esteem.

Every session is planned to offer different experiences to support, develop children`s thinking, take on new challenges, risks and to investigate in a different way.

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Forest school visits enable children to experience the weather, searching for insects, climbing a trees and enjoy physical freedom of learning outside.


Sunday Fun Day at Acol

There was lots to do one this day and it was lovely that everyone got involved. From face painting, to raffle tickets, spin a prize, drawings, to treasure hunt. It was a day filled with endless amount of fun and enjoyment for the whole family.

We had parents, staff and the children who came on the 20th September to show their support and help us raise funds for our garden.

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Even the local businesses in West Hempstead showed their support by donating some lovely prizes for the raffle. We would like to give a big thank you to the Black Lion, Eye Cube, Cook, Art 4 Fun, Frank Hand Made by Brigitte Herrod and Achilles Reflexology.

We have some skilful parents and they didn’t hold back when it came to donating their time and expertise as well as the yummy cakes. With the help of our community and parents we raised £310. This just proves how dedicated the parents at Acol are in helping us and how supportive the local businesses are in West Hempstead. We have a real family and a communal feel around us.

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This day wouldn’t have been successful without all of your support! There will be many more fundraising days to help us achieve our goal in making our garden a better place for the children.

Pyjama Day at Acol

Fundraising pyjama day at Acol on the 12th August 2015 – a day that was absolutely crazy, fun and relaxing.  The children came into the nursery with their pyjama’s to take part in a drawing competition, cuddled up in a blanket while listening to stories and watching movies, sang nursery rhymes, baked some cupcakes for the fundraising.  The children did all the activities that they would love to do when in the comfort of their home and PJ’s.

The parent’s even got involved and came in their pyjamas to the nursery. There was also a prize for the best dressed child and parent. The winner was Michelangelo and daddy. Congratulations!!!!! An applause for dad who had a great sporting spirit as he came to the nursery actually wearing the pyjamas.

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We raised £130 from generous donations from the parents for Acol’s garden project. At Acol we held a fundraiser to raise funds for the Acol garden so we can make the garden a better learning experience for the children. It was amazing and heart warming to see the support given by parents. Thank you to all the parents.

Sports Day at Acol Nursery

On the 31st July 2015 the Acol staff and children along with some enthusiastic parents went down to Kilburn Park to enjoy sports day in the beautiful sun.

The children took part in various physical activities e.g. tug of war, Running, obstacle course. This was a great outdoor experience for the children.

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Famous theorist Margret McMillan believed that children learn by exploring and achieve their full potential through firsthand experience and active learning. Also she believed that outdoor play and fresh air was important for the children’s development (Margret McMillian: 1982). Margret McMillian’s theory was quite evident on sports day at Acol. The children enjoyed the experience of being in the lovely outdoors with the beautiful sunshine. The children were more attentive, keen and eager to learn.

The children learnt so much from being in the outdoors and playing games;

  • Taking turns with friends and sharing
  • Bonding and building relationships with peers and others.
  • Hand and eye co-ordination
  • The effect exercise has on the body.
  • Moving in a variety of ways and developing spatial awareness.
  • Number counting.
  • Moving at different speeds and stopping.

These are just some of the benefits of children having the opportunity to be outdoors however the benefits are just endless. We can always take the indoor learning outdoors but some of the experiences the children receive from being outdoors cannot be brought inside. The experience children gain from being outdoors is just priceless. Therefore at Acol we understand the importance and essence of outdoor play therefore we make sure the children go outside at least twice in a day in all weathers. Also on a regular we take the children out on local outings for them to explore the outdoors on a bigger scale and know what is in their community.