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Contact Camden Community Nurseries

To arrange a visit and book a place, please contact the nursery of your choice:

  • Head Office: 16 Acol Road, London NW6 3AG, 020 7625 3939.
  • Montpelier Nursery, 115 Brecknock Road London N19 5AH, 020 7485 9813.
  • Sington Nursery, Broomsleigh Hall, Broomsleigh Street, London, NW6 1QW, 020 7431 1279
  • Acol Nursery, 16 Acol Road, London NW6 3AG, 020 7624 2937.
  • For general enquiries about Camden Community Nurseries please contact

    Who's Who

    Senior Manager: Reanne Thompson
    Montpelier Manager: Adeola Ogunmisi
    Sington Manager: Elzbieta Boukhari-Filali
    Acol Manager: Ramona Stratan
    Administrator: Jurgita Stakenaite

    Chair: to be announced
    Treasurer: Laurie Swan
    Camilla Hollweck
    Addea Amoa
    James Smith

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