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Acol Nursery West Hampstead

Acol Nursery, 16 Acol Road, London, NW6 3AG

The largest and most recent addition to our nurseries, Acol has space for up to 50 children ranging from 3 months to 5 years. Acol is open from 8am till 6pm, 50 weeks of the year.

Situated in a large town-house in West Hampstead, we have created a homely feel with a flexible range of rooms to support both free imaginative play and more structured activities tailored to each age group. Our large, secure outdoor play area promotes children’s’ physical development and offers a fun way to burn off some energy with friends.

Our young, professional and energetic team creates a sense of belonging and all children feel included, secure and valued.

Acol has a sensory room fosters an atmosphere of relaxation. Relaxation is good for children’s emotional health; it gives them a chance to explore their feelings and to become interested in their environment. A facility such as this has many benefits for children with special needs as it creates a stimulating and yet calming atmosphere and among other things can help to improve hand and eye co-ordination and develop language skills. The overactive child can be calmed, the inactive become interested.

For information about availability of places, contact Acol Nursery by phone on 020 7624 2937 or at the address above.

Read Acol’s latest Ofsted report 50060654 ( and parent testimonials