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Montpelier Nursery Parent Testimonials

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15th September 2016
What a wonder few years we have spent with you. Thank you for all your love and support over the years. Wonderful and creative arts, games and activities, tasty food, warm hugs and smiling faces… All will be missed but warmly remembered.
love Stacey

14th September 2016
Thank you so much for all being so fabulous with Erin, and taking such good care of her. We are really going to miss you guys and the other children. Wishing you and the team all the best!

17th August 2016
A huge thank you for everything you have done for Eira. She has been so happy at nursery and you have all looked after her wonderfully. We will miss all of you!
Mary, Chris, Eira and Seren

17th August 2016
Thank you for making his time at the nursery such a wonderful experience, we will all miss you.

15th August 2016
Thank you so much for taking such good care of Rafe for the last 20 months. He has thrived in all of your care. I can’t tell you how much we appreciated the loving environment that you have all created at Montpelier. It has been a joy bringing him in and I cannot wait for Huxley to start!!
Ben, Laura & Rafe

15th July 2016
Thank you so much for giving Rudy so much fun yet again — we’ve been so blessed to have him at Montpelier. Thanks so much for everything you’ve done over the last years. I feel so lucky. You run an amazing ship Isha!

3rd August 2015
Great staff: enthusiastic, comprehensive and friendly. They gave during all the year a very good feedback about our daughter’s life at the Nursery. Clemence did a multitude of various activities, which stimulated learning and developed her motor and social skills. She also had a lot of fun! And surroundings are lovely.

29 July 2015
My son Andre started at the nursery when he was 2, being very shy and quiet didn’t mix much, but am so impressed with the staff they have really worked hard, they have been a delight in my sons transition always keeping me up to date with his progress, their attention to details is fantastic, Andre has made friends and he’s always excited to go into the nursery, Andre was a fussy eater when he started now he asks for seconds, we were so impressed that my son now goes in three times a week.

I’ve been blown away by the support and love my son has received at Montpelier. He was changing nurseries at the same time as we moved house and had a new baby and the wonderful staff at Montpelier really looked after him. It’s a really fun place with a lovely feeling in the room and outside. I wouldn’t want him anywhere else.

29th July 2015
Our daughter has loved her time at Montpelier (May 2014 — July 2015) and we have been very happy with the nursery and all the team looking after Flora.
Highlights for us have been:
— the stable staff — always the same smiling faces, meaning great continuity of care;
— a personal approach to everything from settling in to pick ups/drop offs — there was never a “one size fits all” approach;
— great communications — we loved the fortnightly newsletters;
Highlights for Flora have been:
— an amazing focus on outdoor play, whatever the weather!
— a rich cultural environment — experiencing foods, celebrations, images and music from all around the world;
— a lovely friendship group;
— stories and cuddles with Ade;
— the tree house!

28th July 2015
Our daughter Henrietta has been at Montpelier since September 2014. She is very happy at the nursery; it’s a beautiful environment and the staff are professional and caring. I have no hesitation in recommending Montpelier.

28th July 2015
I have loved Montpelier nursery. They have been brilliant with my two little munchkins and would 100% recommend it. The staff are amazing and very friendly. I will be sad to see my children leave…but the staff have been amazing in making sure they are ready for their next journey for big school. I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Montpelier for making myself and my children’s experience there a very very happy one.

27th July 2015
Montpelier Nursery is a fantastic place for children to learn, have fun and make new friends. On my sons first day I was incredibly nervous as many, if not all parents are, however I needn’t have been as the staff are kind, caring and attentive towards all the children. I was also impressed by way all the children greeted each other and played so nicely. Some of the key characteristics that swayed me into choosing this nursery were the friendly and experienced staff, the fact that all children play together in one big space rather than separate rooms, the space that is available is light and airy and of course the well-equipped garden for the children to play in. My son loves it here and looks forward to going every day. He regularly talks about the activities that he takes part in and the friends he has made at Montpelier, I am so pleased that I chose this nursery for all the reasons listed above and many more!

30th June 2015
The Montpelier nursery has offered our daughter a very happy environment during the last year and a half. When I come to pick her up at around 5pm, I often find myself standing just outside the big sliding glass door to the garden for some minutes watching the children run, jump and climb, ride some tricycle around the circular parkour, sliding down the fireman’s pole or playing some role game under the story house. Often there would be one of the teachers chasing them, playing football or running with a self-made kite with them. Just like the craft activities in the mornings, everything looks spontaneous to my eyes: the group of children participating here or there varies and the children seem to choose what they do and look beautifully engaged. And I have not seen a child in need for comfort left on alone; it would very quickly pick up by the nearest teacher. I really enjoy these minutes of watching so much contentment!

7th October 2014, Montpelier
Joining montpelier nursery has been a wonderful experience. The staff have made us feel so at home, picking up my children has been a joy, seeing their smiling faces after an enjoyable day. The space is amazing and the art activities in particular are full of imagination and creativity. There is a definite community feeling within, which transcends the nursery gates as I see parents out and about in the local area, something my previous nursery just didn’t cultivate. I would and do recommend Montpelier to anyone looking for a safe, fun and relaxed place for their children to grow.

30th September 2014, Montpellier
My daughter absolutely loves Montpelier. The staff are warm and attentive, and takes time to get to know the individual children. It is a really welcoming, light and safe environment, with the added bonus of a beautiful garden.

9th May 2014
…the pictures were wonderful to see. Sending a big thank you to yourself and the whole team. Both children come home with happy faces!

9th May 2014
We would like to thank everyone at CCN for making our experience with the nursery so great. Adam loves the nursery so much, and it was certainly a second home for him. We’d love to stay in touch and help out, so please keep us in the loop.